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    Mean Well LED Driver 60W 12V


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    SKU: LT-OWA60E12Categories: LED Accessories, LED Power Supplies, LED-drivers 12V


    Mean Well OWA series 60W 12V LED driver noise-free with and without dimmers. IP67 waterproof.

    Several LED drivers have an unpleasant noisiness feature with dimmers. Typically it happens with PWM-dimmers and when power level is at about 80%. The driver will start to squeak. There is no such problem on this driver. By this kind of dimmer we mean an LED dimmer that is installed after LED driver. So this driver will not be dimmed but instead the dimming happens after the driver.

    You can feel immediately that this is a high quality device. We recommend. This LED driver fares well in wet and also dusty surroundings. Regarding protections this one has it all. Fault, overload, overvoltage and overheat protection. When fault or overload protection is triggered, the LED driver starts to cut the power output and resumes normal operation when fault has been fixed. In practice this means flickering lights and the flickering will stop when fault has been fixed. Overvoltage and overheat protections work in shut down principle. LED driver cuts the power and re-powers itself when error has been resolved.

    Benefits: No squeakiness, power plug ready, Mean well quality

    Round DC plug on the low voltage (DC) side of the LED-driver. Use the plug or cut it off and connect with +/- cables.


    Other info:

    • Splash water proof LED driver
    • Power plug ready on the AC side.
    • Safe to use with no load.
    • Idle mode power consumption <0.15W

    Technical information


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