Lighting sets for kitchen


Kitchen lighting sets
LED strip has revolutionized the way in which we create kitchen lighting. Ledtek brought to Finland the first LED strips in 2009 – over 10 years ago. During the years the LED lights’ quality has increased and prices have decreased. We still import LED strips handpicked by ourselves. Our quality standards are high. We pay attention to, for example, quality of light and to the fact that the light is healthy for human eye.

For the kitchen under cabinet lights we recommend at least 14.4W/m LED strip. In some other places they sell 4.8W/m or 9W/m LED strips for kitchen under cabinets. These lower power LED strips result in the customer wondering if there should have been more light after all. These particular strips are cheap but they cannot guarantee a pleasant end result. Kitchen under cabinet LED strip has to actually illuminate properly. We are talking about kitchen worktop after all. Not mood lighting.

For kitchen under cabinet lighting we recommend indoor LED strip that is installed inside LED aluminum profile. Indoor LED strip will be completely fine inside LED profile and you can install the profile also under the dish drying cabinet. It is no problem even though there happens to be a metal tube on the bottom of the cabinet. Dripping water will fall on the aluminum profile and will not get inside. So LED strip is well covered also under the dish drying cabinet. By installing a silicone covered LED strip inside aluminum profile an unnecessary double-protection is made.

To get the LED strip to light up you will need an LED driver. Regarding kitchen under cabinet lighting installation this is a minimum requirement for equipment. In addition to LED strip and LED-driver you will need LED aluminum profiles and possibly some sort of controller/LED dimmer. A few connectors and junction boxes also. A great lighting for kitchen under cabinets will require a budget of about 200-300€. Price increases with the amount of strip and different dimming options. If LED strip is also planned for plinth, on top of the cabinets and showcases, the price will naturally increase.

You can find complete LED strip sets from kitchen lighting set category. You do not need to stress about what LED-driver to get or what connectors to use. We have done this thought process for you already. If there is no suitable lighting set available for your needs, you can call us or send email. We can plan correct strips and drivers that will suit your project.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting with densely-assembled 4000K LED strip. End result is a nice dotless lighting.