GLP LED Driver 264W 12V


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GLP 264 Watts 12V LED driver. This one provides plenty of power for larger projects as well. This is a GLP GLSV professional series LED driver.

Suitable for e.g. 12V DC LED strips, etc. Several LED drivers have an unpleasant noisiness feature with dimmers. Occurs typically with PWM dimmers when light has been dimmed to about 80%. The power source starts to emit a high-frequency squeaking noise. This one does not have such a problem. By this kind of dimmer we mean an LED dimmer that is installed after LED driver. So this driver will not be dimmed but instead the dimming happens after the driver.

Benefits: No noisiness

Other info:

  • Splash water proof LED driver
  • Wires on both primary and secondary sides.
  • Safe to use with no load.


LED driver for LED strip




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