Home Lighting Sets


Home Lighting Sets
LED strip has revolutionized the way in which we light up hour homes and public spaces. Ledtek imported to Finland the first LED strips in 2009 – over 10 years ago. As years have passed the quality of LED light has increased and prices have gone down. We still import LED strips handpicked by ourselves. Our quality standards are high. We pay attention to features such as quality of light and that the light is healthy for human eye.

LED strip has plenty of applications such as kitchen under cabinets, plinth, ceiling, outdoor hand rails, sauna, indirect lighting etc.

There are plenty of different color tones. There does exist several tones of white light. Warm tones are typically about 3000 Kelvin, natural white tones that produce white light are about 4000-45000 Kelvin.
Many people have said the “cleaner” tones at about 5500-6000K are rather blue. It is often sold in several stores as a daylight product – daylight LED. We do not keep 5-6K LED strips as stock products since the demand is quite limited. If cool white tones are more your thing, we can absolutely deliver you 5-6K LED strips that also have CRI over 90+.

From Home Lighting Sets you can find ready LED strip sets. You do not have to think bout what driver to choose or what connectors to use. We have already thought this out for you. If there is no suitable set available for your project, you can call us or send email and we can design correct strips and drivers for your project.

Ledtek LED strip in attic apartment in Helsinki.