RF receiver 4x5A

50,90  sis. ALV 24%
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In stock

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RF receiver 4x5A power. Suitable for single color, RGB and CCT LED strip controllers. It is possible to pair max. 8 controllers for 1 receiver. All controllers in this category are suitable.

Dimmers and receivers sold separately.

Flicker-free dimming.

In addition to receiver you will need an LED-driver. If you have a 12 volt LED strip you will need a 12 volt LED-driver.

In this receiver there are four output connections and each has a max power of 5A. Each output works on the same channel. Cannot be programmed to separate channels. When more power is required, make connections in parallel.



Contents of the package:

4x5A receiver, 1 piece
English instruction manual, 1 piece

Tekniset tiedot

Käyttöjännite 12-36V DC
Maksimi kuorma 4 x 5 A
Maksimi teho 240W (12V), 480W (24V)
Koko 170x45x18 mm
Paino 100 g
Väri White
RF-taajuus, etäisyys 434MHz ISM bandwidth, Over 20 meters in open area
Kytkentä Paired with a controller
Asennus Installed between LED-driver and LED lights (for example LED strip)
Ohjaimien määrä Max. 8 pieces
Suojausluokka IP20
Käyttöympäristö -20°C...50°C
Takuu 2 years
Sertifikaatti CE



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