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    LED dimmer 5-24V IP68


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    LED dimmer 5-24V IP68

    Convenient size remote controllable LED dimmer with a waterproof receiver for LED strips. As a new addition, a stylish wall holder that the remote controller attaches to with a magnet.

    Getting the device to operate is easy. Cables on both ends of the receiver. Smooth brightening when lights are turned on and smooth dimming when lights are turned off. The remote controller is a stylish piece fit for scandinavian style and has a convenient button feel.

    5-24V DC, so in practice suitable for all 12 and 24 volt LEDs. This is a popular dimmer to add for sauna lighting sets. The device operates on radio frequency (RF) so the remote controller and receiver do not require visual connection.

    As an extra item there is a wireless dimmer available, which can be paired with the receiver included in this set. Extra item for only 9,90.

    flicker-free dimming

    By default the remote controller and receiver in the package have been paired. Extra controller pairings are usually not necessary. But if needed, it is possible to pair 5 individual remote controllers in total for one receiver and each remote controller can be paired with an unlimited amount of receivers. English manual with easy pairing instructions included.

    Receiver has a memory function

    A very important feature is a memory function, so the receiver remembers the latest brightness level when power has been cut off. Works also in a situation such as where power has been cut off when lights are on –> main power cut off –> main power back on –> the lights will light up and resume the same brightness level where they were left at before powering down.

    Main power cut off occurs when a regular light switch is being used. So this memory function remote controller & receiver is a nice addition for sauna lighting sets. You can normally switch the lights on/off using a light switch and adjust the brightness with the remote controller when necessary. For example 80%. adjust the brightness to 80% and put the remote controller somewhere safe and the lights will always remain at 80%. If sometimes you require more or less brightness, pick up the remote controller and adjust accordingly. Easy does it!


    Contents of the package:

    Remote controller, 1 piece
    Receiver, 1 piece
    Wall holder, 1 piece
    English instruction manual, 1 piece


    On this video we connect the LED dimmer + this surface mountable extra item and a 24V LED strip.

    LED dimmer 217S and extra item on the video

    24V LED-muuntaja on the video

    YouTube video

    Technical information


    5-24 V DC



    Suositeltu käyttöympäristö
    Vastaanottimen koko

    119 x 37.5 x 22 mm

    Kaukosäätimen koko


    RF taajuus


    RF toimintasäde







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