Triac Dimmable LED driver 30W 24V

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POS Triac Dimmable LED Driver. The driver has 30 Watts of power which is more than enough to power up for example a full 5 meter reel of 4,5W 24V COB LED strip. Both Leading edge (RL) and Trailing edge (RC) configurable. Complete adjustability can be achieved with for example ABB 2-100VA dimmer. Electrical number 2619376. Of course other compatible dimmers for this driver exist too for sure.

If you want a remote controlled dimming, we recommend choosing another LED driver. In that case we recommend choosing a “normal” LED driver in which the dimming happens after the LED driver.

Suitable for e.g. 24V DC LED strips, 24V DC LED downlights, etc. Enough power output for example 2 meters of COB 12W LED strip. The height of the LED driver is 18 mm and that’s what makes it a conveniently compact-sized LED driver. Regarding safety, this driver has a fault protection, overload protection and overheat protection. Out of these the fault and overload protection function with a power cut principle. It means that in a problem situation the LED driver will start to cut the power and makes the lights blink. Power cut continues until fault has been fixed. Overheat protection cuts the power from 12V side –> lights turn off. Lights can be turned on by turning the power back on. The protection works the same way in other high quality LED drivers as well. Cools itself with the surrounding ventilated air. In other words do not mount inside a small box.


Compatible tested dimmers:

More dimmers to be added when tested.


  • flicker-free dimming
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Slim design
  • Overload protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Fault protection
  • Full scale dimming 0% – 100%
  • 10% minimum load
  • Safe TUV-CE, RoHS


  • 24V LED strips
  • 24V LED downlights
  • 24V LED spotlights
  • 24V LED modules
  • 24V LED spots

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