LED Aluminum Profile 3030 Mounting Clip 10 pcs


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Mounting clip for 3030 LED aluminum profile, sold in batches of 10.

We deliver 4 pcs of mounting clips when you buy one 2 m long profile. Here you can get additional mounting clips. Profile snaps well into the mounting clip. If the wall/ceiling is oblique it might be that the mounting clip will not hold. When you attach one end, the other may come away. But as always you can test it yourself to confirm whether that’s the case or not. However, we have not received such feedback about this particular mounting clip so far.

Using the mounting clip is not mandatory. You may drill through the profile and fasten with screws. Some people prefer a 2-sided tape. Choose a good and strong tape.



Price includes:

Plastic mounting clip, 10 pcs



height 19.95 mm, Length 23.90, width 33.90 mm


2 mm


Transparent matte plastic


LED corner profile 3030



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