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    Face mask
    Face mask

    Single-use Mouth & Nose Cover Mask 50 pcs

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    Ledtek has over 10 years’ experience of importing various products. Regarding face masks we have done weeks’ investigation work and now we have a batch at our store ready for delivery. This one is a mouth & nose cover mask intended for consumer use. Face mask helps prevent droplet infections. This mask is not a personal protective equipment, in other words a respirator or a surgical mouth-nose cover.

    In storage but less than 100 packs remain!

    On Ledtek blog we share our thoughts about face masks. You can check out the blog here.


    Face mask applications for example:

    • Grocery shopping
    • Service professionals
    • Public transport
    • Bus driver
    • Taxi
    • Taxi driver
    • Barber shops
    • Massage parlors


    Benefits of this face mask:

    Before we took this in our stock we conducted several comparisons and tests. Among other things, the benefits of this mask are:

    • Not muggy like FFP2 and FFP3 masks
    • It is easier to breathe with this mask than with FFP2 and FFP3.
    • When you have this face mask on your speech can be heard clearly
    • The elastic band cords are suitably long. When we tested with other masks and held them on for longer periods of time the ears began to hurt.
    • This one does not feel papery unlike some other medical masks we tested.


    Package includes:

    • mouth-nose cover (face mask), 50 pcs


    Hygiene product. No right of return on opened packages.

    BFE aka Bacterial Filtration Efficiency is excellent on the mask’s fabric.

    Technical information


    175 x 95 mm



    Suojakerrosten määrä


    Pehmeä ja miellyttävä


    Muotoiltava nenäkappale


    Kumilenkit korvien taakse






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