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    CRI90 LED strip 3000-3200K 14.4W 12V


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    Natural light for home and public places

    High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) Ledtek LED strip. CRI +90 and blue light wavelength over 460 nm. Due to this fact the light will not put a strain on your eyes unlike the lower wavelengths. This LED strip is suitable for projects that require stronger lighting. The colour of light is warm white and Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 90+ (excellent).

    Quality of light matters

    Color Rendering Index (CRI) tells you how well different colors are reflected by the light source in comparison to sunlight. Index measured in range 0–100. Perfect 100 tells that the colors under the light source look the same as they would be under natural sunlight.
    High CRI value is important especially in photography, stores, markets, restaurants and other places where colors are required to look as natural and rich as possible. It is comfortable to spend time in a high-quality-lit spaces.

    Measuring CRI value requires a special type of light tester. We have such a device. CRI of this LED strip is over 90 which means that the quality of light is excellent.

    The effects of bad quality blue light

    According to research, bad blue light can cause interference in retina of your eye, sleep cycle and can put a strain in your eyes. According to research, the most harmful type of blue light wavelength ranges from 415 to 455 nm. This LED strip is created with special LED chips, which blue light wavelength is over 460 nm. Due to this, the light of LED strip will not put a strain to your eyes unlike typical lower wavelength light sources.


    • LED strip for general lighting
    • LED strip for kitchen interspace
    • In kitchen on top of the cabinets
    • For lighting profiles
    • Indirect lighting
    • Curtain cases

    Is this LED strip dimmable?

    Absolutely! LED strips from Ledtek are dimmable. For dimming LED strips you basically have two choices.

    1. Dimming happens after LED-driver
    2. Dimming happens before LED-driver

    When dimming is done after LED-driver, it happens with a so-called PWM-dimming (Pulse Width Modulation), where signal is being cut with fast sequencing. If PWM is done with a low Hz, final result is a flickering dimming. Flickering can cause headaches among other things. Low 200Hz PWM is something that you can find for example in cheap dimmers. We can provide you with high quality dimmers where PWM is a non-flickering 750Hz.
    The other dimming option is to do it with a dimmable LED-driver. You will need a right type of dimmer and a triac-dimmable LED-driver for this. In other words, the dimming signal comes from the front-end of the power source. Good dimmers are available such as those from ABB and Schneider.

    What do you need for installation?

    In addition to LED strip you will need an LED-driver and optionally a dimmer. To make things easier with installation, there are 2 meters of cable on both ends of the reel. In typical LED strips there is only a 20 cm cable on one end of the reel. You can cut appropriate lengths from the strip and you have long connection cables at the ready. You don’t necessarily need connectors or soldering. Additionally choose 10 mm connectors for example for corner installations.
    Usually it is recommended to use aluminum profiles for LED strip installations. We recommend installing this LED strip inside an aluminum profile. A recommended aluminum profile for example 1707 or 2310 rectangle profile.

    Technical information


    12V DC



    Värilämpötila (K)

    3000 K

    Valon väri


    Nauhan leveys

    10 mm

    Nauhan korkeus

    5 cm

    Rullan pituus
    Suositeltu käyttöympäristö





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