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    CRI90 LED strip 4000-4500K 16W 12V


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    SKU: LT-22NW1220SCategories: LED Lights, LED strips, Indoor LED strips


    CRI90 LED strip 4000-4500K 16W 12V dense-assembly, seamless light.

    Dense-assembly high CRI Ledtek LED strip with 240 LED/m. There are so many LEDs that a traditional “spotty” reflection will not be an issue. Great strip! Typically there are 60 LEDs per meter. Additionally, there are highly frequent cut-off points on this LED strip. Usually the cut-off points in LED strips are in 5 cm or 10 cm intervals. The interval in this strip is 1,3 cm. Which means that there will not be dark areas in endpoints. CRI +90 and blue light wavelength over 460 nm. Due to this fact the light will not put a strain on your eyes unlike the lower wavelengths. This LED strip is suitable for projects that require stronger lighting. Colour of light is natural white.

    • LED strip for general lighting
    • LED strip for kitchen interspace.
    • Install on top of kitchen cupboards for general lighting
    • For aluminum profiles
    • Indirect lighting
    • Curtain cases

    In addition to LED strip you will need an LED-driver and optionally a dimmer. To make things easier with installation, there are 2 meters of cable on both ends of the reel. You can cut appropriate lengths from the strip and you have connection cables at the ready. The negative aspect of this LED strip is that due to the density of LEDs it is not possible to use connectors with it. The lids of the connectors will not close completely due to LEDs blocking the way. It is advisable to use cable connection.

    Usually it is recommended to use aluminum profiles for LED strip installations. We recommend installing this LED strip inside an aluminum profile.

    Technical information


    12 V DC



    Värilämpötila (K)

    4000-4500 K

    Valon väri


    LED-valmistaja ja tyyppi

    San’an 2216 SMD

    Nauhan leveys

    10 mm

    Nauhan korkeus

    1.4 mm


    1.3 cm

    Rullan pituus

    5 m

    Suositeltu käyttöympäristö





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