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    Light Dimmer Exxact UNI400LED 4-400W RCL UK White – Schneider Electric


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    Light Dimmer Exxact UNI400LED 4-400W RCL UK White – Schneider Electric

    Schneider Exxact light dimmer LED 4-400W white

    UNI400LED is a wide power range light dimmer which minimum required power output is 4W. In addition to traditional lamp loads it is also certified for controlling dimmable LED lamps and LED light sources. UNI400LED is a recommendable choice also when the dimmer has been coupled to an outlet and the light source is yet unknown.
    UNI400LED does not require a neutral wire so it can be installed in place of an already existing switch. It is also suitable for stair light coupling. The maximum and minimum adjustment range is configurable. Fault and overload protection is electronic (no fuse). Largest connectable power:
    4-400 W light bulbs,
    4-400 W halogen lamps 230V,
    4-400 VA electronic drivers,
    4-400 VA iron core transformers,
    4-200 W LED lamps, or
    4-40 W LED lamps in RL mode

    By its operating principle UNI400LED is a general dimmer: it recognizes the connected load and works as either Leading edge (RL) or Trailing edge (RC) dimmer. If flickering occurs on LED lamps, the adjustment type can be can be fixedly set on RL mode. In this case the maximum supported power drops to 40W.


    Contents of the package:

    Light dimmer, 1 piece
    Center plate, 1 piece
    Instruction manual, 1 piece

    Technical information


    26 222 25



    Nimellinen teho (VA)


    Nimellisjännitealue (V)



    74 x 74 x 51 mm


    2 years



    Johtimen poikkipinta-ala (mm²)

    1,5 – 2,5



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