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    LED dimmer
    LED dimmer

    Light Dimmer Intro Rotary Knob 3-100VA, 420 White


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    Light Dimmer Ensto Intro Rotary Knob 3-100VA, 420 White

    Ensto Intro rotary knob dimmer with side control connection 3-100W LED, 20-420VA RCL, white cover plate and rotary knob. Intended for light source coupling and dimming.

    Product properties:

    Recognizes automatically the light source load and determines the dimming mode accordingly. Operates on Leading Edge or Trailing Edge configuration. Manual adjustment configuration is also possible. Works without the N wire with 230 V LEDs and compact fluorescent tubes. Other light source types require 50 W minimum load to be able to use without N wire. Smooth light up. Lights turn on either on the previous brightness level set or a saved setting. When lights are turned on the brightness level can be saved. Minimum brightness level can be saved. Electronic fault protection with a lasting off switch after max. 7 seconds. Electronic overheat protection. Load threshold can be increased with a separate power source.

    Allowed loads (25C):

    Dimmable LEDs (230 V) 3…100 W, Light bulbs 20…420 W, Halogen lamps (230 V) 20…420 W, Electronic transformers 20…420 W, Electronic transformers for low-voltage LEDs typically 20…100 W, Inductive transformers 20…420 VA, Inductive transformers for low-voltage LEDs typically 20…100 VA, Dimmable fluorescent tubes typically 3…100 W.

    The dimmer is parallel-controllable with a side controller or a push switch. Screw connectors. Supply cable max. length 100 m. Stand-by consumption ca. 0,35 W, Wastage ca. 4 W. Ambient temperature -5 … +45C.


    Contents of the package:

    Light dimmer, 1 piece
    Center plate, 1 piece
    Cover plate, 1 piece
    Instruction manual, 1 piece

    Technical information






    50 – 60 Hz


    2 years





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