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    Sauna LED Lighting Set 4000K 12V


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    SKU: LT-SP4K-1Categories: Home Lighting Sets, Lighting sets for sauna


    Sauna LED lighting set 4000K 12V

    Sauna LED lighting set with Ledtek CRI90+ LED strip. The color of the light is white and CRI90+ means that the quality of the light is excellent. This set includes a 5 meter reel of dimmable LED strip, noise-free 12V LED-driver and LED connectors.

    Dimmable LED strip for sauna

    Are you building new or renovating? With this package you are able to create a comfortable mood lighting in both modern and a more traditional sauna. You may relax in the sauna as the light shines indirectly from behind the backrest or from below the sauna bench, directed downwards. With an extra dimmer item you can adjust the brightness as you like.

    LED strip installation in sauna

    You can install this dimmable LED strip under the sauna benches or behind backrest. For attaching the LED strip you can use the 2-sided tape on the strip or use gluing compound with e.g. plastic corner profile or LED aluminum profile. Popular LED profiles for sauna installations are 1707 aluminum, 1715 aluminum, 1708 black and 1715 black. The strip is a splash water protected LED strip in silicone tube and it endures all water splashes in sauna. You can cut the strip every 5 cm and seal the end with an endpiece + silicone. There is 2 meters of wire on both ends of the LED strip and a few endpieces are included to help with re-sealing the cut parts. With this set you can easily get an elegant LED lighting for sauna.

    LED dimmer for sauna LED strip

    A recommendable product for this set is LT-DIM217S waterproof dimmer and usually it is additionally chosen for this set. The comfortable feature of the dimmer lies in the fact that you can adjust the light to e.g. 80% if you think the light is too bright. Put the remote controller in cabinet and you can use sauna lights normally from a light switch. If sometimes you want to brighten/dim the LED strip again you can do so with the remote controller.

    Tips and tricks with over 10 years’ experience

    For several years at Ledtek we have done cooperation with professionals around Finland. This set is popular since all required components are already correctly chosen for you. With extra connectors and LED profiles this set can be made suitable for every project. If you have a completely black sauna, we have black LED profiles available. If you have a light sauna, we have white LED profiles.

    Package includes:

    CRI90+ LED strip 5m reel, 1 piece

    LED-driver,1 piece

    Wago-2 splicing connector, 2 pcs

    Silicone endpieces for LED strip, 4 pcs

    Coupling manual


    On the video we connect a 4000K sauna light set. OBO junction box is not included but you can find it budget-friendly here and there are more wago connectors available in LED connectors category. 2 pcs of Wago-2 connectors included in the package. If also want LT-DIM217S dimmer the coupling can be easily done with Wago2 connectors. If you make two separate strips then the coupling is easiest to do with Wago3 connectors.

    YouTube video


    Technical information


    12 V DC



    Suositeltu käyttöympäristö
    Värilämpötila (K)

    4000 K




    4.8 W/m


    300 lm/m



    Nauhan leveys

    8 mm

    Nauhan korkeus

    2.2 mm


    5 cm

    Rullan pituus

    5 m

    Takuu LED-nauha
    Takuu LED-muuntaja





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