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Mirror Lighting Set 3K 12V With Dimmer

109,90  sis. ALV 24%
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Natural Light for Home

Mirror lighting set with high CRI90+ LED strip where the color of the light is warm white. The quality of light is excellent CRI90+ which makes it a pleasant light. LED lighting sets from us with over 10 years’ experience. We can give you tips and tricks by email and phone.

This set includes 5 meters of LED strip, LED driver + power plug, elegant wireless dimmer and other necessary connectors.

Quality of light matters

Color Rendering Index (CRI) tells you how well different colors are reflected by the light source in comparison to sunlight. Index measured in range 0–100. Perfect 100 tells that the colors under the light source look the same as they would be under natural sunlight.
High CRI value is important especially in photography, stores, markets, restaurants and other places where colors are required to look as natural and rich as possible. Is there any other more important place than home where a lot of time is spent? It is comfortable to spend time in a high-quality-lit spaces.

Measuring CRI value requires a special type of light tester. We have such a device. CRI of this LED strip is over 90 which means that the quality of light is excellent.

Ledtek LED strip

With Ledtek LED strip you can achieve premium class lighting. In comparison to normal LED strips we have 2 meters of installation cable on both ends of the reel. This helps considerably with installation when you don’t have to make an additional connection with traditional 20 cm long wires. With this LED strip you can hide the connection parts as it should be. LED strip can be dimmed as you like. Width of the strip is 8 mm, cut points every 5 cm and operating voltage is 12 Volts. Protection class is IP20, so it is intended for indoor use. At cut sections there are long copper points for soldering and connectors. The long copper points on this LED strip are better than the short ones you see in some ordinary LED strips.


This set has been assembled to suit mirror background lighting. Suitable for other locations as well.


Package includes:

CRI90+ LED strip 5m reel, 1 piece

POS 30W LED driver, 1 piece

LED dimmer,1 piece

Wireless receiver, 1 piece

A batch of connectors, 1 piece

Tekniset tiedot

Käyttöjännite 12 V DC
Himmennys Dimmable with LED dimmer
Suojausluokka IP20
Suositeltu käyttöympäristö Indoors
Värilämpö 3500 K
LED-valmistaja San'an
LED-määrä 60 pcs/m
Teho 4.8 W/m
Valovirta 300 lm/m
Värintoistoindeksi 90+
Nauhan leveys 8 mm
Nauhan korkeus 2.2 mm
Katkaisuväli 5 cm
Rullan pituus 5 m
Takuu LED-nauha 24 months
Takuu LED-muuntaja 24 months
Takuu LED-himmennin 24 months
Sertifikaatti CE



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