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    RGBW LED Strip Controller 5-24V IP68

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    SKU: LT-RGBW210SCategories: LED Lights, LED strips, RGB and RGBW LED strips


    Controller for RGBW LED strips. This package includes RF remote controller and a compact size waterproof receiver. Remote controller has a convenient feel to buttons and easy-to-use instructions. With this you can create for example Northern lights where lights switch colors in a slow manner. Budget-friendly controller with high quality. In addition to multi colors you can adjust the white LED of RGBW LED strip. In fact we have tested many low budget controllers that do not give value for money.

    RF working distance is over 15 meters in open area. Remote controller and receiver do not require visible contact.


    • 34 different programs
    • 30 static colors
    • 256-level PWM dimming
    • 10 levels for W channel dimming
    • 5 levels for RGB LED dimming
    • 10 speed levels for programs
    • 6 quick buttons for colors
    • Smooth dimming/fading

    Contents of package: Remote controller, receiver and English instruction manual

    The difference between RGB and RGBW LED strips is that in addition to multi colors you can get a high quality single white color from RGBW strip. On RGB LED strip the white light is created by mixing RGB in right amounts. Typically the end result is a cool-like white light with low quality color rendering index (CRI). Ledtek RGBW LED strip has a high quality white color LED. The controller’s W channel is especially made for controlling the white LED. Similar to RGB LED strip, RGBW also has multi color LEDs and special programs for colors.

    On the video below a few colors from RGB LED strip are shown. RGB and RGBW LED strips are popular in barbecue cottages. Is there anything more comfortable in a BBQ cottage than sitting there while a slowly changing RGB light sets the mood? Quite suitable also for northern lights igloos and other snow and ice constructions to set the mood.

    YouTube video

    Technical information


    6-24 V


    3×2.5A + 4A



    Suositeltu käyttöympäristö
    Vastaanottimen koko
    Kaukosäätimen koko
    RF taajuus


    RF toimintasäde

    ‘-30° … 80°C





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