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    LED dimmer mini


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    Mini LED dimmer with which you can control one group of lights. This one is good for example for kitchen under cabinet lights. You can attach this on the bottom surface of a cabinet and turn lights on/off from it. Inconspicuous and stylish dimmer.

    You can have this LED dimmer and several others from the same product category in the same system. This RF rotary knob dimmer can be paired with either one or several receivers.

    Are you building or renovating? Here is a great solution for both cases. This LED dimmer does not require wiring. You save time and money on installations. The dimmer works with a battery that lasts in normal use for about 2 years. There is a wireless connection between the dimmer and receivers.

    Dimmer and receivers sold separately.

    Suitable receivers from the same category: 1x8A, 4x5A, 4x5A RF&Wifi, 4x5A IP67

    The controller is elegantly Scandinavian and has a convenient feel to button touch.

    Flicker-free dimming.

    • Stylish and slim
    • Mini
    • Surface or flush-mountable
    • On/off + dimming
    • Working distance over 20 meters
    • On/off switch happens with a calm dimming/brightening effect
    • Pleasant flicker-free dimming/brightening
    • Dimming range 0.1-100%
    • With power amplifier the range of the installation can be increased limitlessly.
    • Memory function of the receiver remembers the latest brightness level after powering off.


    Contents of the package:

    Mini LED dimmer, 1 piece
    English instruction manual, 1 piece
    Screws, 2 pieces

    YouTube video



    Φ38.5 x 14.8 mm

    RF-taajuus, etäisyys
    Ryhmien määrä





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