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Impressivo Surface Cover Plate 1-Slot/IP44 40/85mm – Aluminum

10,70  sis. ALV 24%
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Impressivo Surface Cover Plate 1-Slot/IP44 40/85mm – Aluminum

ABB Impressivo series surface cover plate 85mm, height 40mm, single slot, aluminum
With the help of surface cover plate and surface mounting box 2456.26 it is possible to surface-mount recessed equipment. The installation is splash water proof (IP44) for the outlet part if flap cover center parts are used 20ECK-xx or 302ECK-xx. When using screw fastened switch frames 2474 or 2475, the switches can also be made splash water proof. For other equipment the waterproof level is determined by the impermeability of recessed equipment. Manufactured from high quality and durable plastic material. The surface is shiny and easy to keep clean. Cleaning with regular mild household detergents. Do not use TOLU or other strong solvents for cleaning.


Contents of the package:

Cover plate, 1 piece

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Sähkönumero 21 663 36
Väri Aluminum
Mitat 85 mm x 40 mm
Sertifikaatti CE



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