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    CCT RF Button Slim

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    CCT LED Dimmer

    Elegant and slim surface-mountable wireless CCT LED dimmer for CCT adjustable LED strips.

    You can have this CCT LED dimmer or several + CCT remote controller in the same system. This RF rotary knob dimmer can be paired with either one or several receivers.

    Are you building or renovating? Here’s a great solution for both since this CCT LED dimmer does not require wiring. You save time and money on installations. Controller functions with a battery that can last for several years in normal use. The controller is easy to install in a convenient place and the controller has a wireless connection to receivers.

    Suitable receivers can be found in the same category as this controller and for CCT LED strips they are: 4x5A, 4x5A, 4x5A IP67

    As a bonus let us mention that this controller fits with Schneider cover plates without any extra gimmicks. ABB Impressivo fits as well but there will be a small gap between the cover and buttons.

    The controller is elegantly Scandinavian and it has a nice feel to button touch and fast reaction time.

    Flicker-free dimming.

    • Stylish and slim
    • Nice feel to button touch
    • Surface mountable
    • Can also be installed in flush-mounted box with screws
    • On/off switch, dimming and CCT adjustment
    • Working distance over 20 meters
    • On/off switch happens with a calm dimming/brightening effect
    • Pleasant flicker-free dimming/brightening
    • Dimming range 0.1-100%
    • Memory function of the receiver remembers the latest brightness level after powering off.


    Contents of the package:

    1-button RF dimmer, 1 piece
    Screws, 2 pieces
    2-sided sticker, 1 piece
    English instruction manual, 1 piece

    Technical information


    71.2 x 71.2 x 11 mm

    RF-taajuus, etäisyys
    Ryhmien määrä






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