LED starlight sets


LEDTEK LED starlight sets include projector, power source, optical fibers and decorative crystals which you can attach to the fibers. Complete set that also includes drill bits.

Projector includes LED light and a twinkle wheel. LED light shines through the twinkle wheel and into the fibers. By default the projectors have a single color twinkle wheel that gives you white light. Color wheel is available as an extra item and can be easily changed inside the projector. Replacement takes about 5 minutes and it includes unscrewing 6 screws in total. Easy job for a DIY person. We can also install the color wheel beforehand.

Optical fibers work like long optical lenses. The fibers’ external shell reflects the light towards the center of the fibers. This special structure makes it possible for the projected light to travel all the way from beginning to the end of the fiber. Light does not reflect to the sides. These kind of fibers are called end-to-end transmitting optical cables / optical fibers. The fibers can also be assembled in such a way that the light shines to the sides as well. It is possible to make so called fiber curtains, space dividers. We do not have side-reflecting fibers in stock but we can deliver such fibers for projects.

LEDTEK LED starlight sets are a new way to accomplish decor with lighting. The fibers do not heat up and they conduct no electricity. Due to this the fibers are quite suitable for wet and damp spaces. LED starlight fiber sets are used in hotels, restaurants, night clubs and private residences. Fiber optic lights can be used also for lighting delicate materials because the fibers emit no IR or UV radiation.

With LEDTEK LED starlight sets you can build a dashing starlit sky. Starlit sky can be spread to several square meters area. Fiber lights are a new and a safe way to accomplish lighting solution by using your own creativity.

The sauna in the picture is 1,8 m x 2,4 m = 4,3 m2 and there’s a 100 optic fiber set in the sauna.

You can find more information about the project on an article made by Iltalehti 🙂

There is a 316 optic fiber set on the video. In the package there is all you will need. Even the special 1 mm and 1,5 mm drill bits are included. In addition to the package you will only need a drill bit for crystals and glue for fastening the fibers. A couple suitable glues such as Loctite HY 4070 or Sikaflex Crystal Clear. There are plenty of other suitable glues as well for sure. Do not use hot glue! It will break the fiber.

YouTube video

Optical fiber is either an end-to-end or a side-lighting product. End-to-end lighting models have a coating that directs the light towards the other end of the fiber. Side-lighting models do not have this coating which is why the fibers will also light up from the side. Side-lighting fibers are used for example in situations such as when lighting curtains are created with optical fibers. Starlight sets by Ledtek are end-to-end lighting models. On the enchanting video below you can see how the fibers direct the light towards the other end. The video has been recorded in Finland and there are 316 fibers in this particular project.

YouTube video