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    Wireless Small Size Drill + 42-Part Accessory Kit


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    SKU: LT-PPCRT01Categories: LED Lights, LED starlight sets


    Wireless small size drill that is a good choice for drilling LED fiber holes. No more struggling with large screwdrivers, or drills that just break the drill bits. With this small size drill you can install LED starlight in 1 mm, 1,5 mm and 2mm holes easily and with precision. Another issue in normal drills is that the socket is too large for 1 mm drill bits. The drill bit is simply so small that it will not hold in the socket. That issue can be solved with this small size drill easily and budget-friendly.

    First class small size drill with a 42-part accessory kit. Suitable for grinding, polishing, engraving, cutting and of course drilling the holes for LED fibers. Thanks to USB recharging it is easy to use wirelessly.

    Overload protection increases safety. Three rotational speed settings between 5000 – 15000 rpm. Stable and quiet engine.

    Powerful, but still small size. Rubber covering and ergonomic design make working pleasant.

    Fast 1-2 USB recharging 3.6V Li-ion battery, for which you can use iphone or android phone charger. The device has been equipped with overload protection.

    Do not press the lock button when the device is on!

    Not suitable for heavy duty projects.


    Package includes:

    • Small size drill, 1 piece
    • Grinding wheel, 6 pcs
    • Grinding tip bit, 6 pcs
    • Diamond tip bit, 6 pcs
    • Drill collar, 3 pcs
    • Socket, 2 pcs
    • Felt wheel, 2 pcs
    • Nylon brush, 1 piece
    • Accessory kit, 1 piece
    • Drill bit, 1 piece
    • Cutting disc, 1 piece
    • Fitting piece, 1 piece
    • USB cord, 1 piece


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