LED Starlight Lens

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This lens is an extra item for Ledtek LED starlight sets. By default there are several diamond-shaped crystals in our starlight sets. If more restrained lenses/stars are your thing, maybe this is suitable a choice for your fibers. The frame of the lens is stainless steel. It can withstand heat well. For example 100°C will not be a problem. Thick lens protects the end of the fiber well.

This lens is intended for thicker fibers but you can also use it with thinner fibers. The hole of the lens is greater than any fiber and there does not exist a perfectly matching fitting piece unlike for other crystals. The fitting pieces of crystals will do fine with this lens if you thin the fitting piece a little bit by using a carpet knife, for example. This way you can use thin fibers with the sauna heater lens. In addition you can use glue with which you can ensure that the fiber will not escape onto the ceiling paneling.

For fibers covered with black PVC you can use glue + mounting tape to make a tight enough fitting piece.


Package includes:

  • Lens, 1 piece


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