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Side cutters for cutting LED fibers. We have also been asked what fibers can and should be cut. There is a small bevel between traditional side cutter blades with which you cannot completely cut from the surface of the ceiling paneling. With this new mini cutter you get to cut the fiber right at the ceiling paneling surface. For every task there exist right tools. The price is only 5,90 and it’s such a small price when you think how much it will help in finishing installation.

The cutter has a return spring and plastic coated handles.


Package includes:

  • Side cutters, 1 piece




133 mm


  1. Finnish

    Anne (verified owner)

  2. Finnish

    Nimetön (verified owner)

    Hyvät ja toimivat, mutta taskussa ei kannata kuljettaa mukana. Niin terävä kärki, että joko taskussa tai sormessa reikä äkkiä.

  3. Finnish

    Veikko M. (verified owner)

    Hintaansa nähden erittäin hyvät ja monikäyttöiset sivuleikkurit.

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    Airi Kalenius (verified owner)

  5. Finnish

    Nimetön (verified owner)

  6. Finnish

    Esa L. (verified owner)

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