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    6-color twinkle wheel


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    SKU: LT-TK6Categories: LED Lights, LED starlight sets


    This is an extra item for Ledtek LED starlight sets. By default the projectors have a colorless twinkle wheel through which the light goes through. By installing this color wheel inside the projector you can get colors for the starlight sky.


    Simple job for DIY person. Replacement time takes about 5 minutes.

    • Device must not be connected to a power source. Power off.
    • In replacement job you have to unscrew the four screws on the side panel of the projector.
    • Remove the side panel
    • Slide out the front panel
    • Take out the two screws holding the twinkle wheel
    • Put the color wheel in its place and fasten with the two screws you took out
    • Slide the front panel back in its place and fasten the side panel with four screws
    • Replacement job is complete

    If you’d like, we can pre-install the color wheel inside the projector and put the single color wheel in the package in case you want to switch later. If you wish to have the color wheel changed beforehand, let us know in the comment section in your order.


    Package includes:

    • 6-color twinkle wheel


    Technical information


    67 mm

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