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    RGBW TOUCH Dimmer


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    RGBW Touch Dimmer AC230 / Wireless

    Elegant RGBW TOUCH LED dimmer for RGBW LEDs. Advanced, well-reacting touch panel thanks to which it is comfortable to use. The panel recognizes a finger immediately, rather than with a small delay. The touch panels from a few years back did work, sure, but they had some delay in reaction time.

    You can have this touch panel or several + RGBW remote controllers in the same system. This TOUCH panel can be paired with more than one receiver. There is one memory slot (S) in the controller where you can save your favorite setting. You can control four separate groups: Z1. Z2, Z3 and Z4.

    The controller has a wireless connection to receivers and it is connected like you normally would a traditional light dimmer in a flush-mounted box. Continuous current AC230V is fed to the controller.

    Here you can pick this touch panel and receivers can be found in Premium Dimmers category.

    Suitable receivers for RGBW lights are: 4x5A, 4x5A RF&Wifi and 4x5A IP67

    The dimmer is elegantly Scandinavian.

    Flicker-free dimming.

    • Stylish, glass TOUCH panel
    • Installed in flush mounted box
    • On/off + dimming + RGBW color adjustment
    • Working distance over 20 meters
    • On/off switch happens with a calm dimming/brightening effect
    • Pleasant flicker-free dimming/brightening
    • Dimming range 0.1-100%
    • The memory function of the controller remembers the setting that was on before power cut and resumes it when power is turned back on


    Contents of the package:

    Glass RGBW TOUCH dimmer, 1 piece
    Screws, 2 pieces
    English instruction manual, 1 piece

    Technical information


    100-240V AC


    86 x 86 x 29.1 mm

    RF-taajuus, etäisyys
    Ryhmien määrä






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