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    LED strip connector 10 mm RGB 10 pcs


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    This connector is for 10 mm wide RGB LED strip, so you can connect for wires to this (+, R, G and B). We have available same type of connectors for 8mm single color strip, 10mm single color strip, 10 mm 3-wire (CCT adjustable LED strip) and this connector 10 mm for 4 wires (RGB LED strip).

    The idea here is that you can use the kind of wire or cable you prefer. For example in LED installations the typically used 0.75mm² wire can be directly attached to this connector and the other end can be connected with RGB LED strip.

    If you intend to use connectors with LED aluminum profiles, take note on the dimensions of the connector and the inner groove of aluminum profile. For example 2310 LED profile is wide enough for the connector to fit in and the plastic cover of the profile will click into place without a problem. For narrow profiles such as 1707 only the LED strip with pre-soldered wires will fit.




    Contents of the package:

    10 mm RGB LED strip connector, 10 pcs

    Technical information


    25 x 15 x 8 mm





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