LED Dimmer LED Touch Switch


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LED Dimmer LED Touch Switch

Popular TOUCH dimmer/switch that is suitable for example for kitchen under cabinet lights switch. Lights on and off with a simple touch. Touch and hold to dim / brighten the lights. Permanent blue light on the device. The light is not bright, but it will help finding the switch in darkness.


Installing the dimmer

Getting the device to operate is easy. There is 1,5 meters of cable on both ends of the device. The device is installed between LED driver and LED strip.

12-24V DC, so in practice it is suitable for all 12 and 24 volt LEDs. This is a popular dimmer for LED strip installations indoors and also for example Sprinter LED strip installations.

Diameter of the remaining visible part = 20 mm

Diameter of the mountable part = 17,30 mm

Depth of the mountable part = 12 mm + leave a few extra millimeters spare for cables. 16 mm of space is pretty good already.


Contents of the package:

LED dimmer LED touch switch, 1 piece


On this video the LED dimmer/LED touch switch is connected with our 4.8W warm white LED strip. LED-driver is 35 Watts GLP Moso, which is waterproof and noise-free. Small OBO junction boxes are practical in LED installations and you can find wago connectors from connectors category.

YouTube video



12-24 V DC




230 Hz


20 mm x 12 mm check more detailed above




Fault protection





1 year




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