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    ABB Impressivo

    Impressivo Center Plate For Dimmer – Matte Black


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    SKU: LT-2620080Categories: LED Accessories, LED Dimmers, LED dimmers


    Impressivo Center Plate For Dimmer – Matte Black

    ABB Impressivo series center plate for dimmer, matte black. Matte black, a novelty product from ABB in 2020.

    Attention light in the rotary knob.

    The most crucial products such as switches, dimmers and outlets available in the series. The series is suitable for recessed mounting (protection class IP21) and IP44 with the help of extra items. Cover plates are available as 1-5 slot units (85 and 100 mm), and they can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Comfortable feel to touch and durable surface material. Surface material: impact resistant, unbreakable and UV radiation resistant durable plastic. Does not contain PVC or halogen compounds. IMPRESSIVO® matte black products can be mixed freely with steel series products and axcent and carat® cover plates.


    Contents of the package:

    Center plate, 1 piece
    Attention light, 1 piece

    Technical information


    26 200 80


    Matte black





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