CRI80 LED Strip 4000K 9.6W 12V

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CRI80 LED Strip 4000K 9.6W 12V

Cheap LED strip suitable for spaces that require a little more light. The color of the light is 4000K white and quality is CRI80+ (good). This LED strip is a good choice for such a project where low price is the most important criterion. There are 120 LEDs/meter and with this you can achieve a good LED strip lighting. 120 pcs/meter means 6 LEDs/5 cm and with it you can achieve a good uniform light. This LED strip is suitable for kitchen under cabinet lighting since you can achieve an almost dotless lighting and a moderately good light output for a decent price. Good choice for on top of the cabinets and also other spaces when a little more than mood lighting is required. For kitchen plinth this one is a little too powerful already. Cut points every 2.5 cm.

Applications for this LED strip

  • LED strip for kitchen interspace.
  • LED strip for mood lighting
  • LED strip for indirect lighting
  • For stairs and backside of hand rails
  • Cabinet lighting
  • For mood lighting on top of kitchen cabinets
  • For aluminum profiles
  • Indirect lighting
  • Curtain cases

Installing LED strip

In addition to LED strip you will need an LED driver and optionally a dimmer. There’s 5 meters of LED strip in the reel and 15 cm wires on both ends of the reel. You can cut the lengths you need and you will have wires ready for two separate strips. The wires are short, but no worries, there’s more available here. High density LED means that you cannot use connectors with this strip. LEDs are so close to cut points that it is not possible to press and close the connector lids. Only choice for additional connections is to do some soldering.

Usually for LED strip installations also LED aluminum profiles are chosen and we recommend installing this LED strip inside a LED profile or on some other metallic surface. If you are creating kitchen under cabinet lighting, there are popular profiles such as 1707, 1707 white, 1708 black, 2310 and 2310 white.


Contents of package

5 meter LED strip with 15 cm wires on both ends, 1 piece



12 V DC



Suositeltu käyttöympäristö

4000 K







Nauhan leveys

8 mm

Nauhan korkeus

1.4 mm


2.5 cm

Rullan pituus

5 m






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