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Compact size and reliable 75 Watts 24 V LED driver. (12V model in product image)

Suitable for e.g. 24V DC LED strips, 24V DC LED downlights, etc. Enough power for e.g. full 5 meter reel of 14.4W LED strip. The height of this driver is 28.5 mm. Conveniently sized LED driver. Regarding safety it has overvoltage, fault, overload and overheat protection. Out of these the overvoltage, fault and overload protection operate on power-cut principle. It means that in a problem situation the LED driver will start to cut the power and makes the lights blink. Power cut continues until fault has been fixed. The overheat protection cuts the power from 24V side –> lights turn off. Lights can be turned on by turning the power back on. The protection works the same way in other high quality LED drivers as well.

This driver cannot be dimmed but you can install a LED dimmer normally between the driver and light source. Excellent suitable LED dimmers from Pro and Premium series. This driver gives out a small electrical noise when used with an LED dimmer. The noise however is not as significant as in some other models. The noise occurs when power is set at about 80%. If you install the driver somewhere far for example onto the ceiling paneling you will not hear anything. If you don’t install an LED dimmer, the driver remains silent and you won’t have to think about squeakiness at all. If you are browsing an LED driver somewhere else and there is no mention about driver squeakiness it is by no means a guarantee there won’t be any noise. We tell you how it is, because we know.

Benefits: compact size, budget-friendly, care-free, safe


Other info:

  • Screw connectors
  • Coupling with 0.75 mm² wires
  • Safe to use with no load.



180-264V AC

Maksimi teho

75 W


3.13 A


24V DC


> 0.95




EN 61347-2-13, Fault protection, Fulfills requirements EN 61347-1, Overheat protection, Overload protection






-3, -4, -5, -6, -8, ‘-11; EN55024, Fulfills requirements EN55015; EN61547; EN61000-4-2

Harmonic current

EN61000-3-3; EN61000-3-2 class C ( ≥ 100% load)


24 months




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