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    LED strip angle connector 8 mm 6 pcs


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    Angle connector for 8 mm wide LED strip. Open the lid and insert LED strip under the metallic parts. Close the lid and now LED strip is fastened.

    If you intend to use connectors with LED aluminum profiles, take note on the dimensions of the connector and the inner groove of aluminum profile. For example 2310 LED profile is wide enough to fit the connectors in and plastic cover will easily snap into place. For narrow profiles only LED strip will fit in.

    Connector is delivered with DIY style in mind. It means that the angled circuit board + connectors shown in the picture are delievered separately. You may use either the connectors or solder the circuit board to LED strips. Closable lid connector is practically the same as extension connector from LED strip to LED strip.


    Contents of the package:

    8 mm LED strip angle connector, 6 pcs (6 circuit boards + 12 closable lid connectors)





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