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    LED Dimmer 220-240V AC White


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    SKU: LT-VIRICategories: LED Accessories, LED Dimmers, LED dimmers


    Great LED dimmer for triac-dimmable LED-drivers and standard socket LED lamps.

    • Can be used as a toggle switch
    • This is not a 12V or 24V DC LED dimmer. This is not directly suitable for e.g. LED strips.
    • Suitable for LED strips when triac-dimmable LED-driver from Ledtek is used between the dimmer and LED strips.
    • Can be used either as a leading edge or trailing edge dimmer
    • By default the dimmer is on trailing edge
    • The configuration can be switched by using the jumpers inside the device
    • Switching takes about 5 minutes
    • Jumpers are small and a suitable tool for them is for example tweezers / small side cutter etc.
    • Push switch on/off
    • Stepless rotary control for dimming

    If the plastic covers included are not your cup of tea, they can be replaced with ABB Jussi / Impressivo series cover plate and center plate. Cover plate is the component that covers the edges. It can be 1-part, 2-part, 3-part etc.


    Contents of the package:

    Light dimmer, 1 piece
    Center plate/Cover plate, 1 piece
    Instruction manual, 1 piece


    YouTube video

    Technical information


    5-150 W

    Nimellisjännitealue (V)



    71 x 71 x 29 mm





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