LED Installation Cable RGBW 5×0,50

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In stock


Thin, slim and flexible, plastic insulated LED installation cable for RGBW LED strip projects. There is 2 meters of this same cable already on both ends of our RGBW LED strip reels. Here you can pick additional cable as needed.

Wires: red, gree, blue, white and black. Not that important how you connect, but usually in RGBW LED strips red wire = red LED, green wire = green LED, blue wire = blue LED, white wire = white LED and black wire goes to 12V/24V.

Type: 300 V 80°C 20AWG LF

Not to be used for: kitchen and heating equipment, outdoors, industrial spaces, agriculture or mobile tools/equipment.
Structure: Flexible fine-thread copper wire, color identification, PVC plastic jacket


This is a quite suitable cable for RGBW LED strip projects.


Contents of the package:

Delivered per meter. If you put 10 pcs in shopping cart, we will deliver 10 meters etc.

Tekniset tiedot

Johtimen nimellispoikkipinta-ala (mm²) 0,50
Johdinluokka Class 5 = fine thread
Johtimien määrä 5
Parikertaus No
Suojajohdin No
Johdintunniste Color
Ulkovaipan materiaali PVC
Mitat 2 x 9 mm
Takuu 12 months
Sertifikaatti CE



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