RGB and RGBW LED strips


Color-changing RGB LED strips, RGBW LED strips, RGB LED controllers and RBGW LED controllers. With easy-to-use RGB and RGBW LED controllers by Ledtek you can change LED strip’s color and brightness just the way you want. There are plenty of controllers and they are applicable to several projects with purpose and project size in mind.

RGB LED strip has color features, but not a white color LED. You can create different moods with red, green and blue LED. In addition to main colors there are also mixed color options. It is not required mix and match colors all by yourself. Instead you can choose them from the color wheel and predefined buttons. There are plenty of color and brightness options to suit all situations. You can get white light from RGB LED strip as well, but it is simulated byt mixing the red, green and blue LED. In most advanced RGB LED controllers there are quick pick buttons for cool white, natural white and warm white light. Light is created by adjusting red, green and blue LED with a suitable mixture and brightness. Best white light can only be achieved from separate white light LED chip. Unlike in RGBW LED strip, there is no separate high quality white light LED in RGB strip.

RGBW LED strip has both color and white light features. The ‘W’ in RGBW LED strip stands especially for White, as in white LED color. You can create different moods with red, green and blue LED. In addition to main colors you can choose different kinds of colors just like in RGB LED strips. Additionally you have a ‘W’ LED and in our RGBW LED strips the CRI is over 90. So no kidding about that part either! Only high quality in RGBW LED strips also.

If you need only colors, pick an RGB LED strip. If you also want high quality white light, choose RGBW.

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