LED Aluminun Profile 5213 2m Drywall with Flange

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Fixed installation LED aluminum profile / LED profile for LED strips. This LED profile has mounting flanges and it is used especially in drywall and drywall ceiling LED installations. This LED profile is installed between the drywall seams, fastened with screws through the flange holes and finally level the flanges with drywall filler. Package includes profile, frosted cover and endpieces

Profile color is aluminum grey. As an end result, thin aluminum edges and profile cover will remain visible.

The cover of this profile is frosted and it lets through about 70-90% of the light.


  • High quality anodized aluminum profile
  • High quality UV protected polycarbonate (plastic) cover included
  • Height 14 mm
  • Suits well for Ledtek LED strips
  • There is 10.5 mm space for LED strip
  • Included 1 endpiece with a hole, 1 solid endpiece
  • 10 mm connectors do not fit inside the profile.


  • Elegant fixed installation for LED strips
  • Absorbs the heat away from LED strip well (lifetime of LED strip lengthens)
  • Protects the LED strip from collisions and other external elements


  • LED strips
  • Fixed LED installations
  • LED strips for drywalls
  • LED strips for drywall ceiling
  • Architectural LED installations
  • Lighting exhibitions
  • Hotel lighting
  • Restaurant lighting
  • Homes and public spaces decor lighting

Contents of the package:

2 m LED profile, 1 piece

2 m profile cover, 1 piece

End pieces, 2 pcs

Tekniset tiedot

Cover Opal, Frosted, Clear
Mitat height 14 mm, Pituus 2 metriä, width 53 mm
Sisäura 10.5 mm
Väri Aluminum
Materiaali Anodisoitu alumiini
Soveltuu LED-nauhat 8 mm ja 10 mm



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