LED Installation Cable 2×0,75 Red/Black 100m

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Thin, slim, flexible, plastic insulated LED installation cable / LED cable for LED strip installations. We have 2 meters of this same cable on both ends of our LED strip reels. Here you can pick additional cable as needed.

Red and black wires. It’s not so serious what color you use for connections but usually in single color LED strips the red wire is for LEDS (+) and the black wire goes for 12V/24V (-).

Type: 300 V 80°C 18AWG LF

Not to be used for: kitchen and heating equipment, outdoors, industrial spaces, agriculture or mobile tools/equipment.
Structure: Flexible fine-thread copper wire, color identification, PVC plastic jacket


This is a quite suitable cable for LED strip installations.


Contents of the package:

100 m reel, 1 piece

Tekniset tiedot

Johtimen nimellispoikkipinta-ala (mm²) 0,75
Johdinluokka Class 5 = fine thread
Johtimien määrä 2
Parikertaus No
Suojaeriste PVC
Suojajohdin No
Johdintunniste Color
Ulkovaipan materiaali PVC
Mitat X x X x X mm
Takuu 12 months
Sertifikaatti CE



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