LED driver for LED strip

GLP LED Driver 100W 24V

55,92  sis. ALV 24%

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In stock

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GLP 100W 24V LED driver noise-free with and without dimmer. IP67 waterproof. Suits well for outdoor and indoor LED installations.

Several LED drivers have an unpleasant noisiness feature with dimmers. Typically it happens with PWM-dimmers and when power level is at about 80%. The power source starts to emit a high-frequency squeaking noise. This one does not have such a problem.

High quality LED driver GLP GLSV professional series.

Benefits: No noisiness


Other info:

  • Splash water proof LED driver
  • Passive cooling (no fan cooler)
  • Built-in active PFC
  • Wires on both primary and secondary sides.
  • Regarding safety this one has overload, fault, overvoltage and overheat protection (so every protection there is)

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