DMS 512 Decoder 4x5A

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DMX 512 Decoder With 4x5A Power. You can use this for three or four channels and each channel has 5 Amperes of power. Suitable for 12V DC, 24V DC and 36V DC products. For example 12 Volt and 24 Volt LED strips go well with it. You can setup DMX 512 address freely and on the device there’s a digital display for address. You can use this with any DMX master. With power amplifiers the size of the installation can be increased limitlessly. This is a popular item in for example city theaters and other performance art organisations. This product has been in our selection for several years. Perhaps one or two items have had to be replaced before. Extremely reliable product.

In addition to DMX 512 decoder you will need a power source. If you have 12 Volt LED strip you will need a 12 Volt LED driver etc.


Contents of the package:

4x5A DMX Decoder, 1 piece
English instruction manual, 1 piece


On the video 4x5A and 4x8A

Tekniset tiedot

Käyttöjännite 12-36V DC
Maksimi kuorma 4 x 5 A
Maksimi teho 240W (12V), 480W (24V)
Koko 170x45x18 mm
Paino 100 g
Väri White
Kytkentä Screw connectors
Asennus DMX master and 12-36V product, Installed between the LED driver's
DMX DMX (Digital MultipleX) 512 protocol
Suojausluokka IP20
Käyttöympäristö -20°C...50°C
Takuu 2 years
Sertifikaatti CE



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