LED Spotlight IP65
LED Spotlight IP65

CRI80 LED Spotlight 1W Dimmable 12V IP65


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CRI80 LED Spotlight 1W Dimmable 12V IP65

12 Volts 1W mini LED spotlight. Dimmable with normal LED dimmers and when installed after triac LED drivers. Mount in a 15 mm diameter hole. Full height 25 mm. The light has 1 Watt power output so it will not warm up considerably. However it is good to leave some cooling space around as a safety measure. The quality of the light is good. It is available in 3000K warm white and 4000K natural white.

Choosing the driver

The driver is chosen in accordance with the amount of spotlights. If you need for example 8 pcs = 8 x 1W = 8W and if the plan is to make one group, you will need one LED driver. In this example the load is 8 Watts and since there has to be enough power output in the driver, for example one 20W 12V POS is a good choice. If there are only for example 2 pcs of spotlights, choose the same 20W 12V driver anyway since it is the smallest power output driver we have. Having extra power is fine and there will not be any harm in having some. On the contrary it means more relaxed times for he driver and longer service life.

For dry and wet spaces

You can install these in both dry and wet spaces. The surface of the light has an IP65 waterproof protection. If you have 12 Volts needle pin halogens on the ceiling, you already have a 12 Volt wiring you can utilize. You only have to replace a required amount of these 12 Volt LED spotlights and a compatible LED driver. Of course there can be several groups and drivers but for one group a single driver is usually enough.

Dimmable LED spotlight

For dimming you can choose an LED dimmer with a remote controller or for example a flush-mountable rotary knob dimmer and a triac dimmable LED driver.


The frame of the light is silver. Elegant finish.

The length of the wires is 45 cm.

CRI80 quality

For builders, repairers, renovations


No ultraviolet or infrared radiation

You can chain the lights by using for example wago connector



3000K, 4000K


15 mm, 15 mm


'-20°…+70°C, ‘-20°…+70°C


22 mm, 22 mm

LED tyyppi

SMD 2835 Epistar, SMD 2835 Epistar


95 lm, 95 lm


50 g, 50 g




IP65, IP65


24 months


1 W, 1 W

Valaisimen halkaisija

20 mm, 20 mm

Valaisimen väri



120°, 120°

Valon väri

3000K warm white 4000K natural white

Värintoistoindeksi CRI Ra

80+, 80+


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