LED Corner Profile 3030 2m

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LED corner profile 3030 2 meters

Massive LED corner profile for LED strips. The benefit of this profile is that the plastic cover will be further away from the LED strip and thus the normal LED strip dottiness will not be as apparent as it is in lower-frame profiles. The light has more time to propagate evenly. In kitchen under cabinet area if you have wiring holes etc. you can cover them and other holes by installing this profile under the cabinets’ back-end corner. For mounting you can use the mounting clips or drill holes in the profile and fasten with screws. Finish installation with end caps.

This profile’s cover is opal and it lets through about 50% of the light.


  • High quality anodized aluminum profile
  • High quality UV protected polycarbonate (plastic) cover included
  • Suits well for Ledtek LED strips
  • Inner groove has a 20 mm space for LED strip
  • Included 1 end piece with a hole, 1 end piece sealed and 4 plastic mounting clips


  • Stylish finish for LED strips
  • Absorbs the heat away from LED strip well (lifetime of LED strip lengthens)
  • Protects the LED strip from collisions and other external elements


  • LED strips
  • Kitchen under cabinet lighting
  • Shelf space edges
  • Lighting exhibitions
  • Hotel lighting
  • Restaurant lighting
  • Homes and public spaces decor lighting

Contents of the package:

2 m LED profile, 1 piece

2 m cover, 1 piece

End pieces, 2 pcs

Mounting clips, 4 pcs

Tekniset tiedot

Cover Opal, Frosted, Clear
Mitat height 30 mm, Pituus 2 metriä, width 30 mm
Sisäura 20 mm
Väri Aluminum
Materiaali Anodisoitu alumiini
Soveltuu 10 mm and 12 mm, up to 20 mm, LED strips 8 mm



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