CRI80 LED Spotlight 3W Dimmable 12V

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12 Volts 3W LED spotlight. Dimmable with normal low current LED dimmers and light dimmers + triac dimmable LED drivers. Surface mounted installation. Full height of the light is 15 mm. The light is very good and comfortable. The quality of the light is good and color is available in warm white 3000K and natural white 4000K. The driver is chosen based on the size of the lighting group. So you can choose for example 4 pcs of these = 4 x 3W = 12W and you will need an LED driver. For example 20W 12V POS, 1 piece. You can install these as a replacement for 12V halogen lights and you will save on your electricity bill. If you have 12 Volt needle pin halogens, then you have a 12 Volt cabling already. You only need to pick a suitable amount of these 12 Volt LED downlights and an LED driver with enough power output. Of course there can be several drivers but one is enough for a small group. For dimming you can choose an LED dimmer with a remote controller or for example a flush-mountable rotary knob dimmer and a triac dimmable LED driver.

White model is available in 3000K and 4000K, black model is available in 4000K light. Pick a suitable option from above.

CRI80 quality

For builders, repairers, renovations


No ultraviolet or infrared radiation

You can chain the lights by using for example WAGO connectors or you can use a connection strip designed for these lights.


Tekniset tiedot

Frame White, Black
Lumen 280 lm
Takuu 24 months
Valaisimen väri White or black
Käyttöympäristö -20°...+40°C
Suojausluokka IP20
Värintoistoindeksi CRI Ra 80+
Valaisukulma 40°
Valon väri 3000K warm white 4000K natural white
LED tyyppi SMD 2835 Epistar
Teho 3 W
Paino 124 g
Korkeus 15 mm
Asennus Surface mounted installation
Valaisimen halkaisija 64 mm
Sertifikaatti CE
Kelvin 3000K, 4000K



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