CRI90 CCT LED Strip 12W 12V

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CRI90 CCT LED Strip 12W 12V

High CRI Kelvin adjustable Ledtek LED strip. Quality of light CRI90+. You can adjust the color of the light from warm white 3000K to cool white 6000K. In addition to LED strip you will need a CCT controller to adjust the color temperature.

Sold out for now. Check out over here RGB CCT LED strips with which you can get RGB multiple colors and CCT color temperature adjustment.

  • LED strip for general lighting
  • Install on top of kitchen cupboards for general lighting
  • For kitchen under cabinets
  • For aluminum profiles
  • Indirect lighting
  • Curtain cases
  • For wall profiles

In addition to LED strip you will need a 12 Volt LED driver and CCT controller. To make installation easier this LED strip has 2 meters of wire on both ends of the reel (for CCT strip there has to be a 3-conduct wire). You can cut appropriate lengths from the strip and you have connection cables at the ready. This LED strip belongs to our high density LED series and there are 180 LEDs/m. In normal strips the density is is typically 60 LEDs/m. Dotless light can be achieved with high density LEDs. The only downside is that normal connectors cannot be used since the LEDs are so close to cutable points. There simply is not enough space for the connector and its lid. Connections and corners have to be soldered. If you need help, tips or tricks, call us or leave a message. We sure do have a soldering station.

Usually it is recommended to use aluminum profiles for LED strip installations. We recommend installing this LED strip inside an aluminum profile. For color temperature adjustment you can use 4 channel CCT remote controller and/or CCT Touch panel.

Contents of package:
CCT LED strip 5 meter reel, 1 piece


Tekniset tiedot

Käyttöjännite 12 V DC
Himmennys Dimmable with CCT LED controller
Suojausluokka IP20
Suositeltu käyttöympäristö Indoors
Värilämpö 3000-6000 K
LED-valmistaja San'an
LED-määrä 180 pcs/m
Teho 12 W/m
Valovirta 982 lm/m
Värintoistoindeksi 90+
Nauhan leveys 10 mm
Nauhan korkeus 1.2 mm
Katkaisuväli 3.3 cm
Rullan pituus 5 m
Takuu 24 months
Sertifikaatti CE



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