CRI80 LED Spotlight 1W Dimmable 12V IP68

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12 Volts 1W LED spotlight / LED stair light / LED pool light. Dimmable with normal LED dimmers and when installed after triac LED drivers. Mount in 28 mm diameter hole. Dimensions of the light 35 x 38 mm. 1 Watt light, so it will not heat up considerably. However it is good to leave some cooling space around as a safety measure. The quality of the light is good. It is available in 3000K warm white and 4000K natural white. The driver is chosen based on the size of the lighting group. So you can pick for example 16 of these = 16 x 1W = 16W and then you will need an LED driver. For example 20W 12V POS, 1 piece. These can be installed in dry and wet spaces. The spotlights have IP68 waterproof protection, so it will fare very well in water environments. Of course there can be more than one driver and group but for a small group one driver is enough. For dimming you can choose an LED dimmer with a remote controller or for example a flush-mountable rotary knob dimmer and a triac dimmable LED driver.


The frame of the light is a nice brushed steel.

CRI80 quality

For builders, repairers, renovations


No ultraviolet or infrared radiation

Waterproof IP68

Half-moon obscure cover, thanks to which this light is a good choice for stairs, wall or barrier lighting, aisle lighting, swimming pool and other water pool lighting and other locations where you want to avoid pointing light upwards. Brushed steel is quite suitable for stone walls, wood surfaces and swimming pools.

You can chain couple the lights by using wago connectors or waterproof 1 meter extension cords and t-branch extension cords.


LED lights swimming pool

Tekniset tiedot

Sertifikaatti CE
Valaisimen halkaisija 35 mm
Asennusreikä 28 mm
Syvyys 38 mm
Paino 100 g
Teho 1 W
LED tyyppi SMD 2835 Epistar
Lumen 95 lm
Valaisukulma 45° (half-moon)
Värintoistoindeksi CRI Ra 80+
Suojausluokka IP68
Käyttöympäristö -20°...+40°C
Valaisimen väri Brushed steel
Materiaali Body: aluminum, Frame: stainless steel
Liitosjohto 36 cm cord with waterproof male connector. Use as is or cut away.
Takuu 24 months
Color of the light 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white



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