LED dimmers premium RF Wifi

Premium RF & Wifi LED dimmers from Ledtek This series has controllers for single color, CCT adjustable, RGB and RGBW LED strips.

By choosing Ledtek wireless dimmers you will not have to settle for lighting without dimming. You can check from the selection a suitable dimmer. Dimmers and receivers sold separately as mentioned in product descriptions. There are not that many different types of models, so the choice is not too difficult, and of course we will help you if questions arise.

Wireless dimmers are modern and suitable for scandinavian style. Dimmers work with a battery and last several years. For installation you will need LEDs, an LED-driver, a receiver or several and a dimmer or several from this category. Additionally you could have LED aluminum profiles.

If you have for example two lighting groups you can choose for example 2-button RF dimmer and for living room one table model dimmer. With 2-button RF dimmer you can control the lights like you would with a normal dimmer and with table model dimmer you can dim both groups for when evening comes.