LED Dimmers


LED Dimmers
LED dimmers for LED projects. From us you can find LED dimmers for LED strips and other dimmable LED light products. We have a wide selection of LED dimmers for single color LED strips, color temperature adjustable (CCT) LED strips, RGB, RGBW and RGB CCT LED strips. Most of the dimmers are wireless, operate on radio frequency and they do not require visual contact like IR controllers do.
LED Dimmers Pro
LED Dimmers Pro product category provides you with good and reliable LED dimmers for small and a little larger LED strip projects as well. For example Touch sensor button can be used for example for switching on/off and dimming kitchen under cabinet lights. Touch button is an elegant and simple solution and it is installed between LED driver and LED strip. Same technique is used in Cabinet Switch that offers a good option for controlling e.g. hallway mirror cabinet lights. Sensor turns the lights on when object moves away from in front of it (such as sliding mirror door).

Enduring popular products in Pro category are 5-24V LED dimmers. For LED strip dimming we have available same sort of sets where the difference is the receiver. In one set there is an indoor receiver with screw connectors and in the other there is a waterproof IP68 receiver. It suits well for example in sauna for dimming sauna LED strip.
As a novelty in waterproof LED dimmer a wall holder for remote controller is included. As an extra item for these dimmers we have available a mini controller for only 9,90€.