Lighting sets for stairs


Stairs lighting sets
LED strip has revolutionized the way in which we light up stairs. Ledtek brought to Finland the first LED strips in 2009 – over 10 years ago. During the years the LED lights’ quality has increased and prices have decreased. We still import LED strips handpicked by ourselves. Our quality standards are high. We pay attention to, for example, quality of light and to the fact that the light is healthy for human eye.

For stairs’ indirect lighting we recommend 4.8W LED strip.

To get the LED strip to light up you will need an LED driver. This is the minimum material requirement for stair LED installation. In addition to LED strip and LED driver it is recommendable to install LED aluminum profiles and possibly a light controller / LED dimmer. Some connectors and junction boxes may be needed as well. Stair lighting is typically positioned: LED strip behind the handrail, LED strip at the base of handrail or LED strip on the underside of each tread. On the underside of tread you can install the LED strip the whole length or only partly. For example a 20 cm LED strip on one side of the tread creates an elegant lighting for each step. Highly recommended to light up each tread. Not e.g. every other so that missteps can be avoided.

From stair lighting sets you can find complete LED strip packages. You do not need to stress about what LED driver to get or what connectors to use. We have done this thought process for you already. If you can’t find a suitable set, call us or email us and we can design strips and drivers to suit the needs of your project.